Nontsikelelo Mutiti is a Zimbabwean born visual artist and educator. She is invested in elevating the work and practices of Black peoples past, present and future through a conceptual approach to design, experimental publishing and archiving practices and peer to peer collaborations. Mutiti holds a diploma in multimedia art from the Zimbabwe Institute of Digital Arts, and an MFA from the Yale School of Art, with a concentration in graphic design. Mutiti is currently Assistant Professor in Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also artistic director for Black Chalk & Co. a platform for archiving and publishing practices that curates cultural events and fosters collaborative projects with peers located in Harare, Johannesburg, New York, Richmond and other international centres.


Artist statement

My practice traverses the boundaries of fine art, design and public engagement. Works on paper and those rendered as time based audiovisual explorations incorporate the digital through hand rendered techniques, as well as computer aided and photographic processes. I am also interested in the form of the book as a time based medium that implies sequence and engages the viewer on a physical level. Much of my printed work exists in multiples. Booklets, print runs of posters, zines, pin-back buttons and booklets make it possible to distribute images and texts to a targeted audience. I am committed to public engagement and work to create situations for the exchange of experiences and skills both in the research and gathering phase of my work as well as at the end through workshops and public conversations.