As I approach building a syllabus, I aim to balance short exercises that facilitate the mastery and investigation of technical skills and visual principles. The ultimate goal is to build up to a more sustained project with parameters designed to give necessary structure and limitations for the timely production of a strong project. I emphasize thematic investigations encouraging students to develop their visual language around a theme of their own choosing. The self selection of content that students can devote their energy and imagination towards is of utmost importance to me.


Design Principles


Student Portfolio for Dylan Cronk

Colour compositions

Experimental Alphabet



Student Portfolio for Emma Shickell

Colour Compositions




Cat In The Hat by Elana Lo-McEnaney

A Wild Flowers Song by Chelsea Baltazaar

Fire by Grace Ives

The Vast and Endless Sea by Felicity Bell


Key by Evan Nolan

Student Loans by Dani Llamas

Caring for a Cactus by Sarah Yalaju


Ra22 by Brian Bowen

Alvin Lustig by Kara Fallen

Nautica by Marina Havriliak


Cross Cultural Video Production

Oral History Project

Winbrook Projects by Steven Ferri

Immigration story by Renzo Valenzuela

Hometown by Renzo Valenzuela

Collaborative projects  

Purchase College students collaborate with peers from Zimbabwe institute of Vigital Arts


Zuleka’s World

Purchase College students:  Caitlin Blunnie, Katlyn Wolff, Alyna Van Dunk

ZIVA student: Lionel Chibvongodze


Purchase College students: Saidkamol Javadov, Nicole Manganiello

ZIVA student: Kevin Steenkamp

Sgt Porice

Purchase College students: Evan Nolan, Melissa Tamayo, Kevin Egbert

ZIVA student: Pious Nyenyewa


Mbira by Kevin Egbert

More Time / Thirteen by Daliza Sanchez Osoria

Hometown Colours by Melissa Tamayo

Quite Nightmares by Caitlin Blunnie


Card Game by Artemis Karotseri-Vermeulen

My Mother’s Mother by Artemis Karotseri-Vermeulen

Those Days by Emily. J Locke

Happy by Saidkamol Javadov